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Yoko derives her name from the model, Yoko, who has modeled for me for several other sculptures as well as this one.   Other models I have used have a difficult time sitting on their feet like this but it was no trouble for her.  

Having first sculpted Yoko nude, it was several days later that I went ahead and put the clothes on this piece. During those days I formed in my head how it would look and, to tell the truth, it looked good! I would picture in my mind the sculpture and shadow sculpt it, like a boxer in training. When I entered my studio to finish the piece, I had a sense that something special was about to happen. I was also somewhat sad that I was covering her since it looked so good already, undraped. The actual sculpting of the clothes took just 45 minutes. When I was finished I sat there and stared in wonder at what I had just done. It was a breakthrough experience and one of the highlights of my sculpting career. The awards she won and success I gained from her later were anti-climatic compared to that day when I first created Yoko.

Year completed: 2004

Material: terracotta, cast in bronze

Dimensions: 19 inches high, 9 inches wide, 12 inches deep

Availability: limited edition bronze $4500